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Alessandra Mesiano was born in Reggio Calabria in 1971. She got a diploma at “Liceo” specializing in art subjects and graduated in Modern Literature (reading Arts) with an illustrated experimental thesis entitled “ The fried eyes tribe”, in which theatrical and cinematographic texts, cookery and art, story and multimedia are strictly connected . She enriched her education with training courses of engraving, murals and restoration techniques but the source which gradually guides her steps towards an evolutive path and steers her into artistic investigation is the rehabilitating power of Art. The artist embraces different types of production that are not conventionally deemed to be art, perhaps a better term would be culture. In fact, with the help of many associations and public or private institutes devoting themselves to sick, maladjusted, disabled persons she promotes cultural laboratories and employs her talent both to support people in need and to produce art. In such a context, an exchange of emotions and ideas is spontaneously realised. Each personal exhibition can be regarded as an organic and articulate communicative proposal, including many arts blending together as far as they “play and act the colour ”. The artist loves painting full spaces and producing her forms of expression even by the use of several recycled materials. She let herself be inspired by literature, philosophy, music and theatre, making them act together in harmony. She regards herself as a therapeutic colourist first and last, a “searcher of colour” to be found in the elements of nature. Her colours change according to the different, unique aspects of light, they take vivid, never-ending nuances and smooth, original shapes that stir up emotions. The artist has inside the torment of a sensitive heart, and an anxiety to reveal her entire being who suffers. Now and then, her creations start during her travels, at times they are inspired by reported stories, images from dreams, or fairy tales made of haunting shapes and fantastic characters who hide themselves among the trees. Open air spaces, any hidden corner can be the proper setting for a vigorous, unlimited artistic expression. Her studio is located in the countryside near Cosenza , surrounded by a luxuriant, nature and all the colours that the artist love so much and that at all times, make her feel happy. Alessandra Mesiano is currently a researcher training in the DF-Global Musicarterapia languages- Method Stefania Guerra Lisi.

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The thought...

The scents, the flavours, the embraces, the joys and even the bitter disappointment, the starry blue sky stared out in the cold winter, the happiest memories…I have got all that deep inside! The dawns viewed all alone or in good company, the rips of clouds in the sky, the wingbeat of gulls at daybreak touching the sun softly, rocking to and fro in the water, all these deep strong emotions never let me alone ; sometimes, they feed on my soul with joy, ;sometimes they make me feel regretting not to be there…there beyond the sun, there beyond the sunset, there beyond the sky...My clear blue sky has the untouched colours of my soul. Everyone can hold them into the heart or make them fly away, at pleasure. My only true happiness is enjoying all the emotions life can give: my best friends, my travels, my perfect day and night. Beside that , I love transferring all these sensations to my painting. The memories and the feelings melt together and slowly turn to be sketch of colour with joyful, hard-fought , full textures. My cornfield, my dawns, my sunset, my sea gulls, my birds, they all break out in my soul. Unconsciously, the latter enjoys mirroring in my paintings at the pleasant sound of a violin or a piano; then, it gets more and more beautiful and from the colour it slowly arises, sometimes smiling, sometimes in despair.

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