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VI Convention - Lilli Foundation - Palazzo Arnone Cosenza 21-22-May 2010
Short film by Alessandra Mesiano “the therapy of spirit”..

Also for this edition of the Convention of the Lilli Foundation it makes it like to find us the presence of what always it has been a characteristic feature of the encounter, a characteristic that gives to a taste detail to the scientific event and that it regards knowing to bring back a feature that regards the humanisation of the medicine. This time to color this drawn it is exactly the experience of the Laboratory of the Spirit directed from doctor Alessandra Mesiano in the premises of the Foundation. In this laboratory the people help themselves to tolerate the uneasiness of the oncological disease through the instruments of the art. This experience belongs to a therapeutic tradition by now consolidated as it happens in institutions dedicated to the cure of the cancer. The Laboratory of the alive spirit testifies moreover the presence of Lilli as able person to accept own suffering and to transform it in deep desire of life and joy. The foundation on which this experience is based is what the art is ability and wants to create life and is profitable possible to transform into a moment plants in smile. Today it is brought back in this convention a short film of which is Pink protagonist, a oncological patient who today not is more, that it describes this its experience like that of a musician who designs with the body the musical lines of a life that in its to escape to us finds again its truer essence. This laboratory previews the participation also of the relatives survivors to the dead women of a person hit from tumor and as such door with himself the potential important of being also a group of support for the families. This that is created inside this experience is a collection of life moments that, through the art broadly speaking, come in some returned way eternal so affording to maintain a tie sensitive between who part and who it remains, doing so as that the spirit that creates these moments return in some way that body that, second the Jewish meaning, once again allows us of pigs in relation with the others. It is singular as the rotatory movements of dance, almost a meditative sufism of Rose, recall the signature of Lilli, that it is logo of the foundation and the convention, and that the heart anticipates over mention of dance step.

Patrizia Guerrieri MD,MS


Convention - "Art Ribel an art that open the gates"
Theatre of the Sea - Riccione 2013
Short film by Alessandra Mesiano: "With-Touch, With-Movement, With Vibration. Personal Taste in the Art to live in spite of everything".

During our experience to the hospital “the Croix di Zinvie” in Benin we have found ourselves in front of various situations for that it regards the feeding in pediatric age. In the first instance we have come in contact with a thick number of children which the feeding was removed because their family of belongings was indigent and disabled to supply to theirs it must essential things. A second group of children was hospitalized because instead affection from the several pathologies of medical and surgical nature. In the within of the children disease a case much detail is offered by a patient little one 5-year-old that was operated by the team of the dr. Marius. He was operated of multiple resections internal for perforation induced from typhus fever. Follow a post-operative fasting of a week which to make followed the partial resumptions and of the feeding of the little patient that, but, was shown very reluctant, refusing every type of food. In the West the problem would have been resolved resorting to the parenteral therapy that is feeding the patient with a liquid mixture of carbohydrates, amino acids, fat people and vitamins for intravenous way. Successively the enteral therapy with frozen-dry to the taste of strawberry or bananas composed always maked from mixtures of carbohydrates, amino acids, fat people and vitamins. In Africa these producing have had and have an enormous cost for the structure hospital worker who accommodates these patients and therefore were not possible to resort to this type of feeding. When the Mesiano doctor and I in making visit to other patients operated from our team saw He snuggled, like a little bird frightened in its bed, we were hit by its look that did not communicate a demand for aid, but expressed an intimate desire of being left single, ignored, dissolved to the look of the others, and in particular of the sanitary operators. The successive day our MusicArTerapeuta (MusicArTherapist) operator in the Globality of the Languages, Mesiano doctor, who took part of the Italian group that had gone to the hospital “the Croix” in Benin, asked the authorization to the doctors Olivier and Marius to take in “cure” the little patient in order to lead back to the “pleasure of the feeding”. The child and the doctor began so an empathic travel, fact of looks, contacts, caresses, than if at the beginning it were veiled from the diffidence of the child, successively constituted the humus in which both the figures moved own comfort. To the phase of the tactile and affective acquaintance became that “artistic one” in which the children with the single aid of colors and sheets She pasted her to feel communicating, to who wants to listen, their anxieties, fears, but also their joys. Also a small musical instrument helped to exit from that self-loneliness in which it had been shut in order to defend itself from who it “it made evil”. The child resumptions, participated to the final festivity that we made with many other children in the course of which seize to live their infancy. When we have approached the group of other children hosts for several reasons always to the hospital of “the Croix” of Zinvie in Benin the approach with they has followed the same procedure. The method through which we have met with many children have been the art, understanding in its immense meaning and that is to pull outside from every one of the all the colors of the rainbow that for several reasons their single experiences had darkened. A laboratory to the open air has been maked so where on a large sheet, every child has left His trace of color composing in such a mosaic of emotion to testimony of His being. In this to make has estimated the effect of the color on the skin its and the other find again another way to communicate and another world of emotions. Certainly that all has not recovered them, but has instilled in they the idea that is another way to suffer, is another world in which conjugating science, art, and love the suffering can be more tolerated and more lived. A similar approach, but with some peculiarities, has been used near the Center of malnutrition of Zinvie, managed by the Camilliane nuns who dedicate themselves to the cures and the feeding of children pertaining to indigent or abandoned families. They are children with serious problems psychological physicists and, than still before to be born they have known the suffering, the deprivation and the pain. The concept of suffering in Africa is different by that known in the West and the developed countries. From we the suffering is thick times tied to the lack of the superfluous one, of the futile one, (commits suicide in order to have more), and also when it is tied to the lack of the good in absolute, the health there’s always the remedy, because we have sanitary structures that us can resolve the problem. In Africa the suffering is tied to the lack of the primordial assets: food, water and love. Therefore we speak about the deficiency of the pillars on which I found every small society or large that is. It is leaving from this various concept of suffering that sometimes we commit the error of wanting “to only help” people African to offer as to alms our aid, forgetting the their immense dignity. We in contacting the little ones of the Center of malnutrition of Zinvie have approached “contact” and privacy, considering that before giving something to the little ones, it was necessary to enter within of they with good graces and delicacy. This job is lead by our Mesiano doctor who has begun to communicate with the little ones playing with the food, so that the chocolate was transformed in a color to use in order to paint the hands, or in a substance in order to join and to construct small houses with rusks, while the fruit juice gushed like a colorful cascade. So that they have perceived and the “various one” assimilated that so various more it has not seemed because it has covered their fantasies and before to enter in their stomach it has entered in their mind. This process of approach of two cultures one of the excess, ours, and one of the lack, theirs, has become possible single covering the roads of the respect, the solidarity and the love. That we want to communicate is that this road of the MusicArteTerapia can help children, but also adults to cover with smaller difficulties the road of the suffering and the pain. Certainly this job hasn’t the pretension to be a line guide in order to face and to soothe the suffering, but is sure a way in order to help and to instill confidence in who in the life has known the pain. Therefore if that it is a valid method or less scientifically to we does not regard so much, that for we is a basic try to give a smile to sofferings.

dott. Carmine Del Prete
Chirurgo pediatrico

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