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Sito di Alessandra Mesiano , artista e MusicArTerapeuta nella Globalità dei Linguaggi
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MusicArTherapy in the Globality of the Languages

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Art isn't only to paint but it wants to create Life, the disease apparently kills, but enough the contact to transforms cry in a smile. Life creates, because it is the same Life that creates, also when it is thought that not there is nothing to make. The Life only the Life leaves signs of Himself, to create communicating spontaneously, not to teach but to leave to create own life, listening, waiting for the time of the Other, listening to the story of the Other that says “I am so, don’t change me, you leave me to me to create”. Only who is at liberty to feel can reach the pleasure to savour, to chew the creativity, being made it to enter and to exit in order to share it with the Other. The love is love when dirty hands not to make nothing and they become clean hands of “Color of Life”. Life that does not die and says you goes, donates, loves, lives, sings, sings the voice of the child who receives you, sings the love of a suffering mother, it sings the love of who it receives you with hush and sing “I am so, You love me”. Only the life, the life in the wonder, dedication, gratefulness. That Life that has created to the leaves apparently sand banks, collections in an afternoon in order to make to succeed the children that I had met during my search in west Africa: the leaves of the Croix Hospital of Zinviè in Benin. Those leaves that were the vital continuation of the body of every child. Those leaves, waited for of being collections from earth, for being still, listening, beautiful, large, everyone with its history. Every child has its history, and you discover that the continuous nature there to tell to enter within the “Skin” recording, vibrating, living own being, leaving a trace. To leave signs of Himself, creating life. The Life in the suffering. Us it cannot be art if not there is suffering, himself is not touched, if the suffering does not absorb. And so every child is like that leaf received, listened to collection and at the same time he is the same child who resurrects the leaf dries, received collection listened, from same he, creating its vital space telling own history, writing itself own love’s letter finding the complacence feeling itself received from the knowledge to create own print, print in creating the Life “In spite of everything”. “The Art To live”, it vibrates, it clangs, with-it vibrates, telling own traditions and the own “Being”. Ours to say nothing, it is not our nothing. Their Joy, is not our joy. The “diversity” once again confirmation the joy of the Life in the freedom to express itself “In spite of everything”. In that beautiful diversity I find freedom in the Art To live in the therapy “between pairs”. “The Art To live” is the same person who communicates its interiority in the beauty to express herself in any way. Live in the beautiful “Madness”, live in “Mnemosyne”, live in the Art To manage “Alive in the unconscious Art”, live free “To be astonished” and “To astonish”, live in the “Freedom of Expression”, live expressing its “History” its “Intolerance”, live expressing its “foolish” behaviors, live in the “self-therapy”, live telling itself its “History” through the creativity of the life, generating in the simple dialogue “of expression wonder, dedication, gratefulness”. “When I participate to the encounters I am a musician. Design of the lines waving to time of music. Here at the end my colorful score… my white sheet then becomes a free leaf”.

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